SDI-12-LB LoRaWAN Converter Node 868MHz

The SDI-12-LB LoRaWAN Converter Node is an innovative LoRaWAN solution for smart agriculture, which allows seamless integration of SDI-12 sensors into the LoRaWAN network. This converter unit is specifically designed to collect environmental data from SDI-12 compatible sensors and transmit it via the LoRaWAN protocol. Utilizing LoRa wireless technology, the SDI-12-LB has the ability to send data over extremely long distances at low data rates, ensuring comprehensive coverage even in remote agricultural areas. Powered by an 8500mAh Li-SOCI2 battery or a combination of solar power and Li-Ion battery, the converter is designed for long-term use of up to five years without the need for battery replacement. Each SDI-12-LB also comes pre-loaded with unique keys for LoRaWAN registration, allowing easy setup and automatic connection after power-on.

Each sensor comes pre-loaded with a set of unique keys for LoRaWAN registrations. These keys are registered on the local LoRaWAN server and the sensor automatically establishes a connection upon power-on if network coverage is available.

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  • Supports LoRaWAN 1.0.3 Class A, ensuring efficient and secure communication.
  • Ultra-low energy consumption and controllable 3.3v, 5v, and 12v outputs for operating external sensors.
  • Uses SDI-12 protocol for connecting with SDI-12 sensors.
  • Battery level monitoring for reliable power management.
  • Supports OTA updates, enabling easy firmware update via the LoRaWAN network.
  • Equipped with Bluetooth v5.1 for remote configuration.
  • 8500mAh Li/SOCl2 battery for long operating duration
  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • Optimized casing with new pressure compensation screw connection
  • External LoRa antenna

Application Examples:

  • Monitoring of soil moisture and temperature in agriculture.
  • Collection of environmental data in remote or hard-to-reach areas.
  • Integration into existing weather station networks to expand data collection.

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Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Dragino
  • Manufacturer SKU: SDI-12-LB-EU868-M16
  • Micro Controller:
    • MCU: 48Mhz ARM
    • Flash Memory: 256KB
    • RAM: 64KB
  • General DC characteristics:
    • Supply voltage: Integrated battery, 2.5v to 3.6v
    • Supported power: 5V 300mA, 12V 100mA
    • Operating temperature: -40 to 85°C
  • LoRa Specifications:
    • Frequency range EU868
    • Maximum RF output power: +22 dBm constant
    • RX sensitivity: up to -139 dBm
    • Excellent blocking immunity
  • Current measurement (Input):
    • Measurement range: 0 to 20mA
    • Accuracy: 0.02mA
    • Resolution: 0.001mA
  • Voltage measurement (Input):
    • Measurement range: 0 to 30v
    • Accuracy: 0.02v
    • Resolution: 0.001v
  • Battery:
    • Type: Li/SOCI2, non-rechargeable
    • Capacity: 8500mAh
    • Self-discharge: <1% per year at 25°C
    • Maximum continuous current: 130mA
    • Maximum boost current: 2A for 1 second
  • Power consumption:
    • Sleep mode: 5uA at 3.3v
    • LoRa transmission mode: 125mA at 20dBm, 82mA at 14dBm
  • Dimension: 127 x 66 x 48mm
  • Weight: 230g

Package Contents:

  • 1x SDI-12-LB LoRaWAN Converter Node 868MHz

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SDI-12-LB LoRaWAN Converter Node 868MHz

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