M5Stack M5DinMeter with M5StampS3

Discover the versatile capabilities of the M5Stack M5DinMeter with M5StampS3, an innovative development board that's perfect for your creative and technical projects. This board follows the 1/32 DIN standard and is equipped with a high-resolution 1.14-inch ST7789 screen. It not only provides you with a visual interface, but also an integrated rotary encoder for precise controls. Thanks to the robust construction with an ESP32-S3 microcontroller that supports WiFi and OTG, you're well-prepared for any task. The multitude of interfaces, including USB, DC, and battery-powered, makes the M5DinMeter extremely flexible in application. For expansion, PORTA and PORTB are at your disposal, where you can connect I2C and GPIO devices. Whether in smart home control, in industrial control systems, or in educational projects - this board is a real jack of all trades.

Operating Instructions for Powering On and Off

Power On:

  • The device can be powered on in two ways:
  • By pressing the "WAKE" button.
  • By an IRQ signal triggered by the RTC timer.
  • After activating the wakeup signal, it is necessary to set the Hold(G46)-Pin high (1) during program initialization to ensure power supply. Otherwise, the device will automatically return to sleep mode.

Power Off:

  • The device can be powered off if there is no external USB power supply:
  • By pressing the RST button.
  • By setting HOLD(GPIO46)=0 in the program to completely power off the device.


  • Equipped with a 1.14-inch ST7789 color display
  • Powered by the powerful ESP32-S3 microcontroller
  • Integrated rotary encoder for precise inputs
  • Supports a wide input voltage range from 6 to 36V DC
  • Multiple operating modes: USB, DC, or battery
  • Programmable with Arduino and UIFlow, providing flexible development options
  • Fits into standard 1/32 DIN enclosures

Application Examples:

  • Use in smart home systems for monitoring and control of devices
  • Application in industrial automation projects
  • Development of educational projects and teaching materials in electronics and programming
  • Realization of IoT projects for networking of various devices
  • Integration in access control systems for increased security

Download and Links:

Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: M5Stack
  • Manufacturer SKU: K134
  • Microcontroller (MCU): ESP32-S3 @ Xtensa LX7, 8M-FLASH, WiFi, OTG/CDC-function
  • Input voltage range: 6-36V
  • Screen driver: ST7789V2
  • Screen resolution: 135x240 pixels
  • Charging current: 100mA
  • Grove connectors:
    • PORT-A: DC 5V/Max: 220mA
    • PORT-B: DC 5V/Max: 220mA
  • Standby current (battery-operated standby current): DC 4.2V/38.4µA
  • Battery connector specifications: 1.25mm-2p
  • Power supply modes: USB, DC, battery
  • Operating temperature: 0-40°C
  • Dimensions: 53 x 32 x 30mm
  • Weight: 46.5g

Package Contains:

  • 1x M5Stack M5DinMeter with M5StampS3
  • 1x 250mAh lithium battery
  • 1x Double-sided adhesive tape
  • 1x DC-Jack Terminal Input (6-36V)
  • 1x Frame backside

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M5Stack M5DinMeter with M5StampS3

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